Dress Me Up Diva, established in 2014, abides by this simple principle:  help individuals feel more comfortable and look fabulous in their wardrobes.  We cater to “Plain Jane's” to help uncover their hidden fashion sense, while still remaining unique. We add pizzazz to standard business wear, and help those on a fixed wardrobe budget to mix and match, creating multiple looks from just one outfit.
Do you have difficulty putting outfits together and find yourself wearing the same thing, the same way, week after week?  Allow us to help you mix, match and create a bold, fresh new look.
Are you planning an upcoming shopping spree or just venturing out to pick up a few items and need someone to go shopping with you to advise on what looks best?  We can provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts!
Going to a function (prom, wedding, etc.) and have no clue what to wear or how to put it all together?  Just tell us where you are going and leave the details to us. We’ll find you the perfect dress and accessories to go with it!
Maybe you have an upcoming “hot date” and want some basic advice on what’s appropriate?  Contact us- we can help!
All of the above are only some of the many services that are offered by Dress Me Up Diva.
Get that closet out with the old and in with the new!  Let us stop by to advise and eliminate. Remember, if the shoe fits- you need us!
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