My mother always wanted us to look our very best. She was well-known for this expression and saying "Why are you lookin' like that?"
The "Why are you lookin’ like that" of the Month goes to...
  • New -  The lady wearing the gray sweater with bright pink lips sewed on the front, brown & rust paisley print pants, and dark blue loafers, topped off with a Gucci hat. Why are you lookin' like that?” 


  • The lady wearing a fuchsia and green rose print skirt, army green shirt, red & blue rain boots, red & black jacket and carrying a bright orange pocketbook. “Why are you lookin' like that?” 


  • The woman wearing a navy & white polka dot dress, black tights, the dark brown sandals, and a green necklace. “Why are you lookin' like that?”
  • The Gentleman wearing a pink & white checkered shirt, gray high-water pants pulled way above the waist, resting on his belly, black belt, white socks, and camel shoes. “Why are you lookin' like that?”
  • The young lady wearing hoop earrings that were literally the largest thing on her body. I'm a huge fan of hoops and dangling earrings, they especially make a short haircut much more desirable. But, not when you can play hula hoop or jump rope with them. “Why are you lookin' like that?”
Remember, you never know when and where Dress Me Up Diva will appear so, always look your very best and don't let it be you who receives the "Why are you lookin' like that?"
**If the shoe fits any one of the above descriptions and you have proof of one of the described outfits, contact Dress Me Up Diva and receive a free consultation and 10% off your services.
Do’s & Don’ts
Here we will be posting common fashion faux pas, and easily fixable mistakes with fashionable solutions.
  • Shoes – Let’s not run marketing Ads by keeping price tags on the bottom. I understand sometimes they can be difficult or an inconvenience to take off and you THINK no one can see them. However; we can see them… you just made your outfit tacky, and the department store received a free advertisement.
  • Heels - If you can’t walk in heels don’t wear them. The Weeble wobble but, I didn’t fall down walk is an insult to the heels. Choose a more appropriate heel for yourself so you can walk, strut, and have an I am confident stride.
  • Brassiere - It’s extremely important to wear a luxurious one, especially, if you’ve been blessed and highly favored in that area. Adding monetary worth to your special assets is always a good investment, not to mention the essential distinctive quality it adds to your look.
  • Maxi Dresses – Ladies’ please choose seamless full body coverage undergarments and not the strip of fabric. The strip creates a downward slope in the rear of the Maxi causing, all of your whoopie cakes to be on display. 
  • Nylons/Tights – Were designed for closed toed shoes, not to be worn with open toe, peep toe, or sandals.



Color of the Month…


I am inspired by so many colors, depending on my mood and the season.  There are various ways to embrace color into your wardrobe.  An ordinary, neutral suit topped with a pop of color (with a scarf or statement necklace, for example) will infuse some personality into your style.


My color of the month is Orange. What ways can you incorporate it into your wardrobe?  I look forward to hearing your comments, as well as successes. 



  • New - Caution when walking and wearing a dress or skirt and carrying  a shoulder bag, tote, or backpack. Sometimes the bag can effortlessly make the garment rise in the back or on the side. Causing your sacred treats to be on display.  Every so often, give your garment a little tug or a quick glance to make certain all is intact.


  • Not able to make the disbursement for a popular brand name bag? Go with the well made leather or a cute print vs. the inexpensive cheap looking replica.


  • Pocketbook/Bag rotation is recommended weekly, bi-weekly maximum. It helps create the feel of having something new and it’s all about you.  If it’s in your fortune rotate daily to compliment your outfit of the day.


  • Unsure or have no clue what to wear? No need to always start with the outfit. Select a pocketbook, a pair of shoes, your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory, and work around that item to create your outfit for the day.


  • Just because you can get into it doesn't mean it fits, do the sit, fit, and twist test put the garment on whether it be a skirt, shirt, pants or dress. Sit, cross legs, exhale and reassess the fitting. When sitting the sizing of a garment changes.
Mama Chan’s Corner (Philippians 4:13)
Here we will be posting some of Life's thoughts, issues, and concerns... quotes, sayings, & words of advice from legendary woman who have touched the past and present life of our very own Founder and Head Fashionista.

"Look in the mirror for seven consecutive days and say I love you, you are so beautiful, and I like you!"



"As long as your hair, feet, and the coat looks good you look good."



"Sending out love is the key to life."



"No matter what, you still have to pay your Tithes."



"Showers are wonderful, but, every now and again a woman has to sit it down and let it soak."



"Knowledge is power if you already know no need to stress, debate, or convince because you already know so, keep it light."



"Let the dew drops of your love fall upon each Chile equally so the favoritism of your heart for one is a mystery to others."


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